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Apple MSPA3712 notebook reservedel



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Apple MSPA3712, Æble, PowerBook G4 15", Sort, Grøn


This is a used part from a recycled computer. In the case of a functional part, it has been fully tested prior to putting in stock and is guaranteed to be fully functional.

Fully functional, tested logic board for the non-DVI 667MHz Titanium PowerBook G4. This board will also fit the 550MHz model. This is a highly static-sensitive device and replacement should not be attempted without suitable experience and anti-static precautions. Removing the logic board means breaking the thermal seal between the processor chip and the heat sink. This seal must be re-made adequately when the new board is fitted to ensure the PowerBook does not overheat. Thermal paste is available from the Tools section.
Provided with 3month guarantee. No refund will be given for logic boards damaged during fitting.

Apple MSPA3712. Brand kompatibilitet: Æble, Kompabilitet: PowerBook G4 15", Farve på produkt: Sort, Grøn


Brand kompatibilitetÆble
Kompabilitets informationPowerBook G4 15"
Farve på produktSort, Grøn

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