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Cisco Unified CM Device License - 100 units



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Cisco Unified CM Device License - 100 units, 100 bruger(e)


L-CM-DL-100=Unified CM Device License For ELD - 100 UnitsPRODUCT : Unified Call Manager Device License For Electronic Lic DeliveryQTY : 100 Units Each device (Cisco Unified IP phones, third-party devices, andvideo devices) provisioned in the system corresponds to a numberof device license units (DLUs), depending on its capabilities; the totalnumber of units is managed in Cisco Unified CallManager to determinecapacityCALL MANAGER FEATURES: Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1 is an enterprise IP telephony call-processisolution that is scalable, distributable, and highly availabl Multiple Cisco Unified CallManager servers are clustered and managed asa single entity on an IP network, a distinctive capability in theindustry that yields scalability of 1 to 30,000 IP phones per cluster,load balancing, and call-processing service redundancy Interlinking multiple clusters allows system capacity to reach 1 millionusers in a system of more than 100 sites Clustering aggregates the powers of multiple distributed Cisco UnifiedCallManager installations, enhancing the accessibility of the serversto phones, gateways, and applications, and triple call-processing serverredundancy improves overall system availability Cisco Unified CallManager 5 supp Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)agent capability Cisco Unified CM allows immediate diversion of an incoming callor an in-progress call to voicemail

Cisco Unified CM Device License - 100 units. Licens antal: 100 bruger(e)


Licens antal100 bruger(e)

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