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Cisco WCS Spectrum



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Cisco WCS Spectrum


The Cisco® Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi integrates with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network to deliver real-time spectrum intelligence for Wi-Fi networks. This industry-leading solution detects, classifies, and locates sources of RF interference in the unlicensed 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands. The Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) works in conjunction with Cisco Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi to provide visibility into non-Wi-Fi interference sources that may cause wireless performance degradation. With Cisco Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi, your business can determine the source of the interference so that you can remove, move, shield, adjust, or replace the interference source. Organizations can troubleshoot their wireless networks to determine the root causes of interference problems and optimize network performance.
Cisco Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi is the industry-leading spectrum intelligence product for wireless networks. Cisco Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi enhances performance, security, and reliability of wireless networks by offering complete visibility into the RF physical layer.
The Cisco Spectrum Expert Wi-Fi includes the following components:
- Cisco Spectrum Expert Sensor Wi-Fi
- Cisco Spectrum Expert Software
- Cisco Spectrum Expert Antenna.

Spare license compatible with Cisco WCS 4.2 or later configured with Base and/or Location license.

Users that wish to purchase multiple licenses to be deployed across a number of WCS hosts may purchase the Cisco Spectrum Intelligence license as a spare unit (WCS-ADV-SI-SE-10=). If a user orders more than one spare, the system will generate a license pack per each spare ordered. In other words, the number of license packs equals the number of spares ordered.

Cisco WCS Spectrum


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