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Veho VCC-A026-EPM samlings kit



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Veho VCC-A026-EPM


The MUVI™ Extended Pole/Bar Mount for Bikes/Motorbike/Extended Field of Vision/Self-Portrait.

The MUVI™ extended pole mount is designed to give users a better field of vision which is ideal for self-portrait filming with the help of the strong and robust extended arm built to any tube diameter ranging between 0.9mm-23mm.

The MUVI™ extended pole mount has 2 ratchet pivots that are fully adjustable to allow you to angle your MUVI™ or MUVI™ HD any way you want. The MUVI™ extended pole mount comes with a tripod mount but is also compatible with the cradle mount that comes with your MUVI™ or MUVI™ HD camera. It can be mounted anywhere from a bike frame or handlebars to car roll bar or cages. The mount is also ideal for motorbikes for viewing over the wind deflector to ensure that you don’t compromise on quality of the footage.

- Extended arm for more scope of vision
- Ideal for self-portrait filming from handle bars
- 2 fully adjustable ratchet pivots to mount the MUVI™ or MUVI™ HD at any angle
- Compatible with all MUVI™ HD and other lesser action cameras as well as regular self-timer cameras
- Ideal for mounting on bikes and motorbikes.

Veho VCC-A026-EPM


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