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Vogel's PFA 9016 Extension tube 30 cm



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Vogel's PFA 9016 Extension tube 30 cm, 60 kg, Sølv


The PFA 9016 30 cm extension tube can be used to mount LCD/Plasma TV's and/or projectors to the ceiling (in combination with other modular parts).
The PFA 9016 30 cm extension tube (with an external diameter of 60 mm)is part of a modular system which enables you to create your own ceiling mounting solution for LCD/Plasma TV's and/or projectors. You can easily insert and attache this extension tube to one of the ceiling mounting plates (PFA 9005/ 9019/ 9020) or the truss adapter (PFA 9009). As a next step you can attach one or more turn and tilt units (PFA 9001/ 9002) or a projector interface (VPC 545, PPC 200). The PFA 9016 contains the fast CIS® Cable Inlay System, which enables you to hide all the cables in a matter of seconds. Since it's made of aluminium, the tube can easily be cut to length if necessary.

Vogel's PFA 9016 Extension tube 30 cm. Maksimal vægt (kapacitet): 60 kg. Farve på produkt: Sølv

Maximum vægt (kapacitet)60 kg
Farve på produktSølv


Maximum vægt (kapacitet)60 kg
Farve på produktSølv

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