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Western Digital WD80EFZX 8000GB Serial ATA II



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Western Digital WD80EFZX, 0 - 65 °C, -40 - 70 °C, Serial ATA III, HDD


Fill your NAS with WD Red, then fill it with awesome.
There's an industry-leading WD Red drive for every compatible NAS system to help fulfill your data storage needs. With drives up to 8TB, WD Red offers a wide array of solutions for customers looking to build the biggest, best-performing NAS storage solution. Built for single-bay to 8-bay NAS systems, WD Red packs the power to store your precious data in one powerhouse unit. With WD Red, you're ready for what's next.

Exclusive NASware 3.0
Not just any drive will do. In single-bay to 8-bay NAS systems, WD Red raises the bar. Get as much as 64TB capacity, and with WD's exclusive NASware 3.0, you can optimize every single one of them. Built into every WD Red hard drive, NASware 3.0's advanced technology improves your system's storage performance by increasing compatibility, integration, upgradeability, and reliability.

Built for optimum NAS compatibility
Desktop drives aren't purpose-built for NAS. But WD Red drives with NASware are. Our exclusive technology takes the guesswork out of selecting a drive. WD Red is for small NAS systems, and our unique algorithm balances performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. Simply put, WD Red is the most compatible drive available for NAS enclosures. But don't take our word for it. WD Red is a reflection of the most extensive NAS partner compatibility-testing list that is available on the market.

Desktop drives vs. WD Red
In a Network Attached Storage device, a desktop hard drive is not designed for NAS environments. Do right by your NAS and choose the drive with an array of features to preserve your data and maintain optimum performance. Take the following into consideration when choosing a hard drive for your NAS:

- Compatibility: Without being tested for compatibility with your NAS system, optimum performance is not guaranteed.
- Reliability: The always-on environment of a NAS or RAID is a hot one. And desktop drives aren't typically designed and tested in those conditions. WD Red is.
- Error recovery Controls: WD Red NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID error recovery control to help reduce failures within the NAS system. Desktop drives are typically not designed for RAID environments where this can be an issue.
- Noise and Vibration Protection: Designed to operate solo, desktop drives offer little or no protection from the noise and vibration faced in a multi-drive system. WD Red drives are designed for multi-bay NAS systems.

WD Red for Home
Stream, backup, share and organize your digital content at home with a NAS and WD Red drives designed to effortlessly share content to the devices in your home. Red NASware increases your drives' compatibility with your devices, TV, stereo and more. Live in a connected world.

WD Red for Small Business
Businesses thrive on productivity and efficiency – two of the guiding principles built into the design of WD Red. It's the hard drive of choice for 1 to 8 bay systems. NASware 3.0 allows for seamless integration with your existing network so WD Red can share and backup files at the speed of your business. And for larger businesses with up to 16 bays, count on WD Red Pro.

WD Red Pro for Big Business
If you're looking for maximum performance in a heavy use NAS, WD Red Pro delivers the same exceptional performance for the business customer. For NAS environments with 8 to 16 bays, WD Red Pro is designed to handle an increase in workload and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

3D Active Balance Plus
Ensures your data is protected from excessive vibration and noise in a NAS or RAID environment. This dual-plane balance control reduces the degradation of your drive over time.

Premium support and a 3-year limited warranty
Confidently upgrade to the best in NAS performance with the assurance of a 3-year limited warranty. And with world-class support services included with every WD Red drive, you can be certain of your NAS.

24/7 reliability
Since your NAS system is always on, a highly reliable drive is essential. With an MTBF of up to 1 million hours, the WD Red drive with NASware 3.0 is designed for the 24x7 environment.

Cooler operations. High reliability.
By reducing power consumption, the operating temperature of your NAS stays cool. With a lower temperature in your system, you can create a more reliable solution for your NAS.

Western Digital WD80EFZX. Harddisk kapacitet: 8000 GB, Harddrive interface: Serial ATA III, Harddisk omdrejningshastighed: 5400 rpm. Strømforbrug (standby): 0,7 W, Strømforbrug (læs): 6,4 W, Strømforbrug (skriv): 6,4 W. Bredde: 10,2 cm, Højde: 2,61 cm, Dybde: 14,7 cm

Harddisk kapacitet8000 GB
Hard drive interfaceSerial ATA III
Harddisk omdrejningshastighed5400 rpm
Hard disk størrelse3.5"


Harddisk kapacitet8000 GB
Hard drive interfaceSerial ATA III
Harddisk omdrejningshastighed5400 rpm
Hard disk størrelse3.5"
Drevenhed, bufferstørrelse128 MB
Hard drive interface transfer rate6 Gbit/sek.
Hard drive sustained transfer rate178 MiB/s
Middeltid mellem fejl1000000 t
Overholder RoHS
Strømforbrug (standby)0,7 W
Strømforbrug (ude af brug)5,2 W
Strømforbrug (læs)6,4 W
Strømforbrug (skriv)6,4 W
Opstart strøm1,79 A
Miljømæssige betingelser
Operationel temperatur0 - 65 °C
Lager-temperatur-40 - 70 °C
Stød under drift65 G
Stød ved stilstand250 G
Vægt og størrelse
Bredde10,2 cm
Dybde14,7 cm
Højde2,61 cm
Vægt650 g
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